Mojo Cam


Fat, Lazy, and Happy, that's Mojo.

How Mojo Cam Works

The technology behind Mojo Cam is simple junk-store-shelf bits and pieces. We know because that's were we got all this stuff. Mojo Cam is built from one transmitter, a couple dozen receivers, three cameras, a file server, and software. All of this makes the first PTS (Pussy Tracking System).

First we put a very low power transmitter on Mojo. The pulses it sends are picked up by a grid of receivers embedded in the ceiling. By sampling the relative field strengths of all receivers, we can tell which grid square Mojo is in. The process begins any time Mojo moves to another grid square.

Three video cameras are then aimed at that grid square. A picture from each camera is digitized, and stored on a file server. A program named Points of Mojo runs and examines each picture. Artificial Intelligence (sometimes stupidity) determines first if the pictures have adequate contrast ratios and luminance levels. If the lighting is bad, or non-existent, the process ends. If all three are acceptable, the program looks for specific points of Mojo in the pictures and chooses the best of the three.

Another program ftp's the new picture to the Web server. This process is rather slow, but then so is Mojo.

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